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Q.Will WPC Treatment change the dimensions of the parts I have treated?
A. No. The treatment doesnt add or remove material which would alter important clearances and tolerances for your parts. Strictly speaking there is a dimension change however the dimension change is almost undetectable. For example on a hardened surface such as on a crank shaft journal the dimension change will be +/- 0.00004 inches. On softer materials such as Piston Skirts and Bearings the maximum size of the dimples are less than 0.00008 inches.

Q.Does WPC Treatment improve the strength of parts as well, or is it just for friction?
A. Yes. WPC acts in two ways to strengthen parts. First it adds an extremely high level of compressive stress at and near the surface. The second point is that WPC Treatment creates a Nano - Crystalline structure at the surface of the metal. Both of these mean that metal fatigue and crack initiation are both noticeably reduced.

Q.Is the process done here in the U.S., or do I have to ship my parts to Japan?
A. WPC treatment is being done in the U.S now. We have been fully operational since Aug 2005. We promise a three day turnaround on all orders. (Some conditions apply)

Q. Do you have any minimum requirements for treating customer parts?
A. No. There is no minimum order required. We offer builder discounts to qualified builders.

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