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Johnson And Johnson Racing

NHRA Pro Stock - Dodge Stratus

My Engine bearings look like they have never been run ever after 35 runs. The tratment to the ring and pinion gear wear less and not show heat as quick.

Roy Johnson - Engine Builder of Johnson and Johnson Racing


Wienen Motorsports

AMA ATV ProMotocross - Yamaha YFZ450R

Our Transmissions have never lasted so long in our machines until we found WPC Treatment to be the answer we have been looking for. 50 Plus hours of torture testing. Will not race without it!

Chad Wienen - Owner of Wienen Motorsports


South Bay Triumph / Alan Cathcart

Bonneville Land Speed - Triumph Thruxton

I have been building racing engines for most of my life and without a doubt this treatment is the best I have ever used - it works great! It is easy to build a fast engine, but making it reliable is sometimes difficult. This process is very effective - after a year of racing, the parts (piston rings, etc) are like new, showing no wear at all. If you also treat the pistons and cylinders, the compression is like new and blow-by is reduced significantly. This is "good stuff" and it really helped us set 3 FIM and 2 AMA records last year at Bonneville. Thank you!

Matt Capri - Engine Builder, Owner of South Bay Triumph / Triumph Performance USA


Tri-Point Engineering

Speed World Challenge - Mazda6

Over the last couple of years we have been using the WPC treatment on our own SCCA World Challenge Mazda 6 race program and have recommended it to customers. You can tell immediately upon assembly that friction is reduced. We have done engine, transmission and differential treatments. On customer cars where we have done engine and transmission together, on our chassis dyno we seen improvements in wheel horsepower. On transmission we have noticed that shifting efforts are less, which is less wear and tear. Before doing the WPC treatment, we have had transmission gears show pitting from too much heat and after the WPC treatment it has reduced it 60% within the same amount of use. This is definitely something you should consider!

Craig Nagler - Owner of Tri-Point Engineering


Falkner / Livingston Racing

Bonneville Land Speed - Honda CBR600RR

I was excited when the bottom end went together as I felt the lack of friction in the crankshaft. After the motor was completely assembled there was such a definitive difference that even my co-workers were amazed! Horsepower gain was better than expected and case temperatures were down 15 degrees. I would recommend WPC to any engine builder trying to gain an edge...

Lenny Albin - Engine Builder for Paul Thede's Falkner/Livingston Bonneville CBR600RR


XS Engineering

Time Attack - Nissan R32 GT-R

After the WPC Treatment in the entire bottom end the newly treated engine with identical parts picked up 80mmHg of vacuum at idle, made more power under vacuum, and started quicker. Horsepower improved from 810 hp at the wheels to 850hp at the wheels with no other improvement other than ECU remapping. There are a lot of bearing journals (13 total), piston skirts (12), piston rings (18), and cylinders (6) so the Nissan RB26 engine needs all the help it can get to combat friction and improve cylinder sealing. We found that TiN coated compression rings were already a big improvement, but I couldn't believe the results after I tried the WPC treated TiN rings with WPC treated piston skirts and cylinder bores. I recommend WPC treatment everywhere in the engine not only for race engines, but for all high performance tuned engines as well.

Eric Hsu - Engine Builder and Crew Chief of the XS Engineering BNR32 Skyline GT-R Time Attack Car


Skunk2 Racing

Grand AM Cup - Civic

We began experimenting with the WPC treatment back in 2007 and are very pleased with the results. The WPC process significantly reduces friction and strengthens metal. As a result, the engines we treated with WPC exhibited better power and wear characteristics. The WPC treated endurance engines we built for Grand-Am Cup made more horsepower and had close to double the service life as non-treated engines. In a series based on production vehicles and parts, like Grand-Am Cup, WPC is needed to extract every last drop of power and durability. Furthermore, in addition to having a great process, it has been a pleasure dealing with the people at WPC as they have always been very professional and supportive.

Dave Hsu - Owner of Skunk2 Racing


Hiro Koiso

Bonneville Land Speed - Harley Davidson 2009 AMA national and FIM world land speed record at Bonneville salt flats

It has been great success with WPC treated moving parts in engine and transmission in past years. Last year I profound anther surprising benefits of WPC.

A week of land speed racing at the Bonneville, the engine suffered cylinder head bolts failures multiple times and time was running out. My last resort was the WPC treated OEM head bolts. After WPC treated bolts installed, engine stayed together and set two AMA national records and a FIM world record in the end. Simply amazing! Thanks WPC.

Hiro Koiso - Las Vegas / Red Rock Harley-Davidson


Bergenholtz Racing

NHRA Sports Compact - Mazda6

WPC is by far for a required treatment in all of our Bergenholtz motor programs. It provides excellent strength and durability to all of our motor and transmission needs. The results speak for themselves. It is a night and day difference with parts treated from WPC and not. If you want to win, you have to go with WPC! WPC is winning!

Ron Bergenholtz - Team Manager of Bergenholtz Racing


RS-R Scion Racing

Formula-Drift - Scion tC RWD

Ever since we've been using WPC treatment in 2005, we've seen improved performance and strength. Every part that can be treated is torn down and sent to them for treatment. From engine, transmission, and differential parts, nothing gets left out of treatment prior to use. We could not be more pleased with the results they provide, and will continue to use their process for all our racing needs.

John Masuda - Owner of RS-R USA


Drag Cartel

NHRA Sports Compact - Civic

WPC has put me in the record books for the past 3 years. The treated parts keep the life of my engine & drive train alive above and beyond any other brand on the market. If you want to finish the race on top, you must use WPC.

Jeremy Lookofsky - Owner of Drag Cartel


Kyle Mohan Racing / Mazdatrix

Formula-Drift - Mazda RX-8

WPC Treatment has helped us to push the limits of horsepower, boost, and reliability with our Mazda rotary engines. Pushing over 30psi and using a big shot of nitrous oxide our engines are worked hard every weekend, but we have seen almost no signs of wear after treating all of our rotors, housings, barings and eccentric shafts with WPC Treatment.

Now, all of the internal engine, transmissions and drive-train parts get WPC Treatment. No questions asked.

Kyle Mohan

Owner of Kyle Mohan Racing

Engine builder at Mazdatrix in Signal Hill CA


Compass360 Racing

Grand AM Cup - Acura TSX

I have to say, I was very pleased on the results of the treatment. Performance and reliability gains in the following.

- Higher horsepower

- Faster acceleration

- Better wear on engine parts (double the engine life, meaning less money spent on rebuilds)

- Strengthening of parts (saw zero failure in conn rods and transmission ring gears and counter shafts, these were high failure parts in the past)

- Fuel consumption

Ray Lee - Technical Director of Compass360 Racing


Bennett's Performance

Bonneville Land Speed - Harley Davidson

We had WPC Treatment treat our entire transmission, all of the gears, shafts, bearings, shift forks and sliders. Once assembled I could immediately feel the difference just spinning the assembled unit by hand. NO MORE FRICTION ! We went on to have the V Twin engine treated, cylinder walls, piston rings, crank pin, connecting rod races, bearings and bushings as well as the entire valve train, rocker arms, shafts, springs, valve stems. Once again, after assembly, we could feel the difference even before starting the engine. The engine runs more freely, has good ring seal, and revs quicker. Thank You WPC.

Bob and Eric Bennett - Bennett's Performance Inc.


George Doganis

California Rally Series - Nissan Sentra SE-R

Mr. Haraguchi of Hiro's Auto Repair rebuilt the SR20DE engine in my rally car(1992 Sentra SE-R) in 2006 using the WPC treatment. Following that I had great results for 2007 and 2008.

Rally is brutally tough on the engine because of the dust and heat. Some of our summer rallies ran in 110F desert locations. My engine NEVER ran hot even though I had no oil cooler. This reliability allowed me to win my class championship for both the 2007 and 2008 California Rally Series.

2007: 11 Rallies entered, 8 wins, 1 DNF(suspension)

2008: 9 Rallies entered, 6 wins, 1 DNF(crash/suspension)

I am building a 1997 Honda Civic rally car now with a bored and stroked B18C VTEC motor. I am planning to use WPC Treatment in this motor as well!

George Doganis

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