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Time Attack - Nissan GT-R

After the WPC Treatment in the entire bottom end the newly treated engine with identical parts picked up 80mmHg of vacuum at idle, made more power under vacuum, and started quicker. Horsepower improved from 810 hp at the wheels to 850hp at the wheels with no other improvement other than ECU remapping. There are a lot of bearing journals (13 total), piston skirts (12), piston rings (18), and cylinders (6) so the Nissan RB26 engine needs all the help it can get to combat friction and improve cylinder sealing. We found that TiN coated compression rings were already a big improvement, but I couldn't believe the results after I tried the WPC treated TiN rings with WPC treated piston skirts and cylinder bores. I recommend WPC treatment everywhere in the engine not only for race engines, but for all high performance tuned engines as well.
Eric Hsu - Engine Builder and Crew Chief of the XS Engineering BNR32 Skyline GT-R Time Attack Car

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